Indian Youth federation organised Youth Convention 2018 at Kolkata.Their moto is to raise the voice against unequal systems of education which laid on different social pressure.

They had taken a time of 6 months to grown up their membership so that the state government and the central government also can hear their presentation about the unequal system.

They have now just 2000 members in the foundation so they are now want to make a huge member by which they can achieve to their moto.They are now working in West Bengal for the first time as they think the system of education is very poor in this area.

West Bengal have many opportunities to make equality in the system but with lack of demand it is not happening here.They have the supporters among justbonly 6 states of India.

But to raise their voice they are now want to work in maximum places of India so that the government also can hear the voice and can make the neccessary stepsThey want to make the name of the Indian Youth Federation to take at a high.They also have some precautions for the programme if they will face in future.

So they want to make their demand by peace and chat with the goverenment.They want to grow their voice to educate them by large knowledge.

As their knowledge is in a little bit so they trying to active in social media and through this they can make some knowledge and also raise their voice.The total information given by Ms. Tulshi Sardar,Member,Indian Youth Federation.


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