Youth Convention 2018 has been held at Kolkata on 6th of December 2018.The venue where the program is held is Maulali Yuba Kendra,Kolkata.The main moto of the convention was to ‘Rethinking Education-A Lost Opportunity Ensuring Quality’ in which the youth of our nation from different states arose their voice for equality in education against growing inequality in India.

We all know that in our country there are inequalities in wealth,income and consumption as well structural inequalities of opportunity,region and social group.The youth across the states in India made an agenda to ensuring equal opportunity,equal quality for all for today as the education is the only system to level the unequal society like ours.

Youth of 9 states of our country such as Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and West Bengal are come forward in the convention under Indian Youth Federation which is an independent and democratic platform work for tge different people from varied socio-economic and educational background.It also reflect, contribute, participate and act in all that matters they feel they have to interfare for needs and aspirations as a growing accountable citizen.

Many long time ago the Kothari Commission recommended common school system which would brought equality and social integration from early stage.It takes more than 3 decades to make education a fundamental right in 2009 and then again pre-primary,secondary and higher secondary are left out of the domain act but it the reality differentiated even after passing the right of children to Free and Compulsory Education act in 2009.

After this education for every child between 6 and 14 a fundamental right the proportion of student dropped out from classes 1-8 was 36% and form 1-10 was 47%.The children who stayed at school the quality of learning was low also.The latest survey confirms again that it need to make the entire 12 years of schooling a legal right.It can be possible through the Skill India, Digital India, Start up India, Make in India, Ek Bharat,Shreshta Bharat schemes.

The status of implementation of RTE in the state of West Bengal with the few points such as to decrease the rate of school drop out rates, make teaching managements, make school management commitee and to decorate and secure the school with play grounds and boundary wall respectively.

The parents perspective is also not good for our state West Bengal.99%of the parents consider the importancy of the education but among themselves took its a need for a good job and the good human being with the percentage of 16 and 23 respectively.All are agreed with the girls education.

They also need uniform,book and food for the good education.Many of them demanded goid teacher with good knowledge.

There is so many students needs like independence of mind,employability,revised curriculum,skilled teachers,low cost with quality,good teachers are also discussed.
In the programme the the distingushed guests are from different piller of the society.

Ms. Farida Bano,IYF West Bengal; Mrs.Archi Basu,SPAN;Ananya Chakraborty,Chairman ,WBCPCR; Mrs. Rekha Harijan and amny more are present and give time to the interctions and told about their valuable advice and feedback to the programme.


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