Samapti Roy-The Terre des Hommes had organized a workshop for Developing online applications and mobile app for District resource map by which stock of the existing online portals and available applications, ideas related to scope, content, functions and end uses of a potential internet based application can be generated so that the survivors of sexual exploitation and trafficking will falicitate reintegration.

The workshop explored the availability, accessability and functioning of institutions who offered rahabilitation and reintegration services to the survivors of sexual violency and tafficking.

Different representatives of government bodies such as CCIs, DCPUs, Dept.of WCD, Social Welfare, SCPCR, Labour Department, West Bengal State Livelihood Mission, Education Department and Representatives of NGOs working on trafficking and reintegration of Survivors,INGOs, Network Agencies, Resource Agencies, Active Children’s Group and Survivors attended to the workshop to brief their view.

On starting welcome note and introduction by Tdh and quick discussion on workshop designed py Praxis was held.The proposal for formulation of a web-based application for generating resouce maps by which value addition and sustainability plan could grow also discussed.

Diacussing on the existing portals and available applications in various department by understanding their strengths and limitations and scopes were also discussed.Different Group presentation also taken by the reintagration resouces and proposal of the application could manage information about taken.

By group work the conceptualization of suitable information fields for each piece of data on reintegration resources with examples of sample data also discussed.Many identifications of functions, features and scope of the proposed applications that could enhance its potential and relevance also discussed and taken granted.

With the help of dividing participants into groups for the group-exercises and clustering of participants of similar or comparable profiles together.


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