Blood Cancer which is now becomes a threat to out country as the people of our country afraid of the disease.

If the treatment is the one solution of the disease the other is counseling.Dr. Soumo Bhattacharya the renowned Hematologist and head of the department of Hemato-Onchology of Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata is working on the process which named ‘ Ujjibon-2018’.

The main moto of this process is to help the effected patient and their relatives from depression, anxiety, fear about the disease and hospital and expose them to the amusement, hope and enjoyment.Many pathients won the war against the disease by the modern medicines and with Chemo- Therapy and by the Bone Marrow Transplant but the patients not come to the fearless mood.

The program held at Rotary Sadan Kolkata where the patients and renowned artists performed at the same stage.In the program the patients and their relatives shared their experience of the war against the disease.

The patients who survived had felicited by the Lila Seva Society.Dr. Soumyo Bhattacharya said “Ujjibon is a program that celebrates their fight not only with disease but also with the uncountable socil and economic obstacles.

Such type of survivor meet inspires the patients and their families to fight against Cancer”.
The program become a huge success and the patients were very to their life.


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