Samapti Roy:Kolkata:The ‘Adventures of Jojo’ is a movie with a social message to protect our wildlife.The story is about a twelve years old boy had gone for to his uncles house at Baropahari.

There he made a friend named Shibu and an elephant named Nonibala with whom Jojo travelled to the jungle and heard about Chengis the fear of the Baropahari Jungle.

Who is this Chengis? Will Jojo be able to protect him from the poachers and save the wildlife?To know about this u must have to watch the film said its Director Mr. Raj Chakroborty who was present at the FBB store for the promotion of the movie.

With Raj Jashojeet Banerjee, Samuil Alam and Padmanabha Dasgupta were also present there.Tge entire team talked about the story and told it will be the first story which consists of adventure, thrill, travel and also a social message.

They will very much excited about the film and told to come to cinema hall and watch the movie.”It will be a great gift for the young generations on this Christmas and I will make this type of cinema more in future” said Raj Chakraborty.

On the campaign on ‘National Jeans Day’ Fbb has started a new era by which they popularize jeans as a category not by it as a casual item of clothing.

On the promotion Raj came along with the Actors and cast and crew to promote the day also.

He said that he used all the fbb jeans to the shooting of the movie so every person have to come forward and make sure that jeans will be a main clotings for future.


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