Shooting of the short film ‘An Evening…in my life’ started


‘An Evining…in my life’ the story is about two people who were madly in love but for their carrier concern they broke up and went to abroad.

After spending many years they come to India where both of them are now married to other people as well as they also felt for their past love.

The story now took a different path and showing how they revolve around their life, how they planned to meet each other.

The story portrays how two hearts seperated but still they are together by soul and mind.Its a story written to give a messege who gone different places for their carrier sacrificing their loved ones and actually become all alone.

The movie directed by Mr.Sanat Dutta, the storyand screenplay written by Ms. Debolina Das, music composed by Rupendu Basu.

The two main character played by versatile actor Mr. Samrat Mukhopadhyay and sweet Ms.Maadhurima.

On the set of the movie at Kolkata Maidan the actors and story teller talked about their thinkings and motivs through the movie.

They all are very hopefull for the movie and very confident about the movie surely like by the audience.


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