News Desk Bengal Watch:A fair arranged to work for a sustainable future to the rural poor and marginalised communities free from poverty, hunger and environmental problems.

The main aim is to ensure food and live security to the people through manage of natural resources on principles and actions that are Environment friendly and recycleable,economically applicable and strong to disaster.

The fair named ‘Safe World Festival’ is organized by Development Research Communication And Services Centre(DRCSC).With collaboration with ‘Nabo Sammak’ and ‘ Night Angel Club’ they organised the fair to celebrate Biodiversity, Climate Resilient Crop and practice Safe Food and 4 R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot).

In the fair the farmers and rural peoples displayed and promoted their biodegredable products such as vegetables, handicrafts, rice, babui grass products and so on.

The fair organised to help the self help group and NGOs who made products like this and to encourage the women to stand on their own feet.

The MIC Consumer Affairs Department and Self Help Group and Self Employment, Govt.of West Bengal Mr. Sadhan Pandey in auguarated the fair by lightining the candle and told that the Govt.of West Bengal is very serious about the polluted food and pesticides so they helped and supported this kind of fair to made campaign for good food, organic materials and recycleable products.

They helped to raise the voice against pollution as well as women empowerment.He told to arrange many program like this so that it can be spread everywhere and the people got understand the value of good food.The local Councillor, Borough Chairman were also present there.


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