Raman group announces its Expansion Plan for West Bengal


One of the largest producers in the animal feed segment in India the Raman Group announces its Expansion Plan in Kolkata on 27th November.It continues its India growth story with their expansion.

The brand is eyeing the West Bengal market aggressively with entry in Kolkata.Managing Director of Raman group Mr.Sahil Garg was present to brief the media.

The group aims to contribute in the gigantic task of producing best livestock nutrition for the nation adhering to the highest quality and ethical standards and offer state-of-the-art nutrition using latest technology and constantly share their knowledge with the farmers and use enders to continuously enrich the value to their customers.

The 27 year old group manufactures high quality feed with remarkable results.The feed plant consistent yield of quality pellets and consistent research has led in determining feed variety and size suited to each category of dairy animal.It utilizes advanced level of conditioning system to ensure the best starch gelatinization process,a very important requirement in the feed quality produced.

These stringent process ensure that all the anti-nutritional factors are reduced significantly protecting the livestock from health hazards and a better product for the business.The main reason of Low milk production and Bad Animal Health is unbalanced or misguided animal diet.

Group’s mission is to provide effective cure for dairy farmers in fur-flung villages or towns at the most reasonable prices.The group undertook the task of preparing agro-based high protein balanced diet for dairy animals to save the loss making dairy farmers.The need to develop scientific process and modern formulations for traditional animal feed lead to the establishments of the group.

Appart from supplying premium quality animal feed for better and healthy milk production the group conducts extensive village programs to guide the farmers for an economical and effective dairy farming increasing the profit substantially.

With market presence under the name of Doodhdhara Cattle Feed in the states of UP, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chaatishgarh, Odhisha, Assam, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat and exports to Nepal.The group plans to launch Aqua Feed in West Bengal and generate one stop junction for all kind of dairy farm requirements from food to accessories in future
Mr.Sahil Garg, Managing Director, Raman Group said “Our expansion strategy is to boost this sector in India in coming years.

West Bengal Market has a big potential where we believe our range of products will enhance the rich experience of customers witb high quality and valued pricing.There has been a high demand for better quality and affordable products as far as this sector is concerned.People not only look forward to qulaity and trust but also affordability.


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