‘National Jeans Day’ to be Celebrate on 16th December


Fbb the leading fashion store of the country is going to celebrate the ‘National Jeans Day’ with a big bang.This year the moto of the event is to bring jeans as a category of clothing not as a casual item.

They already created ‘Jeonji’ an Instagram Contest where the people can upload their jeans emoji with their Instagram names and can get a pair of jeans.This is created to get the initiative a hype.They also decorated the nearby streets with more than 85 jeans and made a 600 ft stretch road.

On 16tb December any one can buy a pair of jeans for Rs.999 and will get a t-shirt worth of Rs.499.They also can win a cashback offer worth Rs.500 on the Future Pay app.The famous celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Varun Dhawan, Diljit Dosanjh will join to make the ‘National Jeans Day’ excited.To make the day so special they also arrnged a ‘Jeanathon’ which will be the largest celebration on the day.

Celebrities like Nora Fatehi,Priyank Sharma with many more jump on the vogue to spread about the exciting day to their fans by ‘grabbing a pair’ themselves and put the stylish look picture with it.The TikTok app collaborated with the store to influence the denim factor.

The influencers are all set to release bold,sizxling dance move while put on a pair of jeans to challenge another person to create their moovs.


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