A special campain arranged for ‘Fight Crime Against Women’ when the Kolkata Girl Lopamudra Mandal came to the city with the prestigious Fashion Icon Award Mrs. India IAB 2018 First Runner up Crown.

She became the Global Ambassador of the campaign because she was also a victim of domestic violence.The total program is sponsored by Avedaa, Auli lifestyle, Asian Roots and many more.

They talked to the city in the press conference to spread their humanity against the crime against women and stop the domestic violence.

As a victim she talked about the domestic violence and told to stop it.She told that as charity begins at home so on we all have to talk to our family and influence them to stop domestic violence and rethink about to love the girl child and the sister-in-laws.Its also raise their voice to encourage that women who think that after facing some domestic issues they decide to stop the their carriers and become very much hopeless.

Its the campaign to aware those women to turn around and work hard and achive theire desire success in life.

Focus on the campaign Lopamudra said “I am extremely grateful to my friends and family who have always supported me in my endeavors.I came from a small town and to have come so far feels like ablessing.

I have always worked with NGOs and help them gain better visibility and standing but with the help of crown I hope to make a bigger impact.As tge global brand ambassador it is my duty to bring forth the plight of women and address issues that assail them.

It has been a huge learning experience for me to be on the stage with so many beautiful and successful women and yet create an identity of my own.”

Lopamudra is a Master Degree in English and learned about Journalism, PR, Marketing and Fashion Designing.She crownd Miss Kolkata in 2000.She also have a fashion label Studio Eye.She also made two exhibitions of curator Meena Bazaar and High Street Market.

On the press conference Mr. Imran Zaki, Satnam Ahluwalia, Indroneel Mukherjee and Mrs. India IAB State Director Anita Dutta.


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