Development Research Communication and Services Centre organised a cooking competition with the help of 4Sight Prestige Complex, Chaktla Bigyan O Sanskriti Santhan and Pearless group of Hospirals.

The program held on 21st December at KolkataThe main moto of the competition was to aware people from the danger effects of fast food and use organic food materials to their food habit thus the future would be good and secured.

The main aim to spread the awareness in the urban areas so that they could understand and got to use organic types food materials for their future safety.It also had a disscussion about the formalin used in fish, congo red colour in fish, use of colour in vegetables and use of chemicals for extending tge period of ripening of fruits and vegetables to control the market over year by which peoples are injected unsafe materials to their bodies which is tge main cause of different kind of disease.

It had also a disscussion about the balanced diet and get good and organic food in our body which can help us to be strong and build up our immunity system.Dr. Sudeshna Maitra Nath disscussed and awared peoples about the good and bad site of the balanced and organic foods and fast food respectively.

Mr. S. Bhattacharya shared his thinkings and appreciated the work of DRCSC in the same.
In the competiotio 11 contestant who cooked different item like Yam Dal, Palak Yam, Yam Curry, Yum Pakora, Mix Veg witb Yam etc with the help of Yam oil.Tge judges of the competition was Mr. Nazrul Islam Mondal, Head Chef ORKOS Group of Hotels; Mr. Rishi Raj, Research on Slow Foid Italy; Mr. Shankar Chakraborty and Mrs. Bijaya Ghosh.The winners got prizes of organic rice, dal, jaggery and jam.The Yum which was the main ingredient was originaly Elephant Foot Yum which became rare used item now a days to bring back it in the kitchen so that the peole can take valuable nutrients and vitamins from it.

The program ended with a drama from ‘ Bratyajan’ from Uttarpara with the same message.The perticipants were very much excited and happy with the program.


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