Samapti Roy:Kolkata: autism a neurological and developmental disorder in mostly effect the young children from birth and very young stage of life.Its medicines are so very wealthy and hard to get so the cost become heavy to the parents to bear.

A new era has come to cure the Autism is Homeopathy by which mainly the cost become low and the patient can cure by a semi-long period.
Ayush Majumder, Sarthok Biswas, Soumyajit Sarkar and Jayjeet Ghosh who were suffering from the disease are now in much better condition by the homeopathy medicines.

The symptoms of the disease is couldnot recall parent’s name, concentrate, interact with people, doesnot listening to instructions etc.Every case the parents first treated the children with allopathy but it costs very much and they didnot also get good result.

Then they heard about the homeopathy treatment and get good result in minimal costs.
Dr. Pranab Mallik who is a renowened Senior Consultant at Hahnemann Pharmacy Behala had treated the 16 childeren along with the named mentioned above who effect with Autism with homeopathy treatment and give them good result.
Dr. Mallik said “With the advent of premedicated homeopathic medicines Autism cases are getting treated in a much shorter span of time and trust in homeopathy has gone up considerably.

As compared to traditional medicines the new drugsare are very effective as strength and dosage are standardized.Further they are not contaminated by air or bacteria resulting in a much longer shelf life and superior results.” He also said “Autism is largely caused due to the MMR vaccine or a defective gene which leads to nerve impulses not going through to the brain either due to inert, fewer or extra nerve cells.While allopathy does not offer any treatment for Autism homeopathy medicines are dynamic making them well suited to treat the condition.”
Anamika Majumder said “While a mother is instrumental in understanding what the child is going through and how he needs to be handled the family too needs to provide a lot of love and understand the child’s feelings.

An early diagonosis of Autism is very important so if there are any symptoms that are out of the ordinary the child should be taken to the doctor immediately.”
With the help of the Boiron the homeopathy make a revolution in the world and get a great achievement in the Autism treatment.


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