The CBI’s notice came in the house of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. A letter has been sent to Manik Majumder, who has been working as a secretary for 40 years in his home office, to appear in the CBI office. The same letter has gone to both Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien and Subrata Bakshi. A former Trinamool MP has been called in the SGCO complex of Salt Lake. After 10 to 13 December, they were asked to attend.

The Trinamool, however, took the attitude of warring as ‘political revenge’. It is said in the party’s top leadership, that no one will be presenting the names of those who have been sent in this way. Because BJP wants to accept ‘subjection’ with pressure. The party will be fighting politically against this vengeance. In no way will you bow down. They can do whatever they can. In the words of one of the top leaders, “Delhi’s rulers understand that their days are approaching. So, in this way, the bhalam-chakra wants to accept the bug. But they do not know the soil of Bengal. There is no profit here.

The CBI has claimed that the notice given to those who maintain the Fund’s funds funds are given to them. The address of the party mouthpiece has been shown in the income tax office or bank, 30 B, Harish Chatterjee Street. That is why Manik Babu was notified at that address. After receiving the notice, a Kolkata police official said that the letter was sent to the wrong address. Manic Majumder does not live at that address. The Chief Minister’s house. After this, the CBI sent a letter to Manik Babu’s home address.

The CBI’s argument, two days before the Chief Minister’s paintings was held two weeks ago. The sale of the picture was deposited in the money laundering fund of the ruling party. The CBI claims, as well as the owners of the Chief Minister’s image, as well as the owners of several illegal financing agencies bought them. The CBI claims that those photographs were brought in front of other people. They examined the fund’s funding, at least 3 million takes to buy the picture, went from the company like Saradha-Rose Valley.

The CBI has taken at least 15 handmade pictures of the time. According to the Central Investigation Agency, the signatories to the fund are Derek O’Brien, Manik Majumdar and a former MP of the Rajya Sabha. Subrata Bakshi is now the All India General Secretary of the party. The team went under his supervision. As a result, they are being asked to understand the fund’s estimates.


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